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Hit a Record high! The turnover of the Technology Industrial Parks exceeds 450 billion dollars.

According to statistics from the Export Processing Zone Administration (EPZA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), the operation of the Technology Industrial Parks has soared in the last year (2021) by benefiting from the strong global demand for semiconductors and the business opportunities of e-commerce information and communication driven by the epidemic. In the whole year, the number of companies in the parks exceeded 700 for the first time and reached 715. The number of imports and exports increased by 32.4% and 16.4% respectively, reaching 11.727 billion US Dollars and 16.676 billion US Dollars, and the turnover exceeded 450 billion NT Dollar for the first, an annual increase of 16% to 465.6 billion NT Dollar. In addition, the number of employees also exceeded 86,000, hitting a new high in the past 20 years, showing a highly dynamic and prosperous economy.
The EPZA Director-General, Yang Po-Keng, pointed out that to grasp this wave of growth momentum, the following five policy priorities will be promoted this year:
1. New area development: Actively promote the development plans, such as Kaohsiung Software Park Phase II Base, Pingtung Technology Industrial Park (PTIP) expansion, and Nanzih Technology Industrial Park (NTIP) Third Park, which are expected to create more than 40 hectares of new industrial space.
2. Talents cultivation: Through the first "Digital Transformation Innovation Hub (DTIH)" in Taiwan, cultivating digital transformation talents by the method of co-creation and test. It is expected to cultivate more than 60 digital talents and create business opportunities of 480 million dollars.
3. Upgrade acceleration: Strive for external resources, assist manufacturers to establish smart manufacturing production lines, counsel manufacturers in digital transformation at the same time, and assist in the introduction of 5G AIoT technology, which is expected to expand business opportunities of 400 million dollars.
4. Renewal promotion: Promote the renewal of the administrative field of NTIP, the renewal and reconstruction of Cianjhen Technology Industrial Park (CTIP), the renewal valued land redevelopment project of Tanzi Technology Industrial Park (TTIP), and the upgrading of public construction in TIPs, so as to increase industrial spaces and optimize the investment and operation environment.
5. Sustainable development: Actively counseling manufacturers in Net Zero emission and implementation of ESG, and promoting circular economy, while implementing friendly workplaces to build green and sound high-quality parks.
EPZA stated that this year will still face the impact of uncertain factors such as the epidemic, labor shortage, and materials shortage. However, investment in the parks is still very active at present, and manufacturers in the parks have actively distributed emerging application technologies such as 5G applications, AIoT, automotive electronics, and distance business opportunities. It is estimated that the performance of the parks will continue to grow this year. In addition, the expansion plan of the PTIP will be open to investment, and the Kaohsiung Software Park Phase II will also continue to promote. The industries are welcome to actively invest in the parks and to seize profitable business opportunities.

Spokesman: Mr. Liu Chi Chuan (Deputy Director General, EPZA)
Contact Number: 886-7-3613348, 0911363680

Contact Person: Shih, Jia-Jyun (Planning & Evaluation Section of the First Division)
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