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By three major aspects, the Technology Industrial Parks assist manufacturers in the transformation of net-zero carbon emissions in 2050

The "net zero emissions" has become a popular international keyword since the extreme climate is very aggressive. More than 130 countries around the world have announced that they will achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. For this reason, the Export Processing Zone Administration (EPZA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) continuously and actively promotes energy conservation and carbon reduction counseling group, enterprises' greenhouse gases inventory consulting, and carbon footprint talents training. To assist the enterprises in Technology Industrial Parks (TIPs) to establish a low-carbon transformation foundation, and strengthen the industry’s net-zero carbon reduction capabilities.
EPZA indicated that the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) of the Executive Yuan has sent the draft amendment of the "Greenhouse Gases Reduction and Management Act" to the Legislative Yuan for examination, and it has included issues such as carbon fees and carbon taxes. After the pass of the amendment, the Act must have a huge impact on the future development of the domestic industries and their international. Thus, in response to these waves of net-zero and carbon reduction, EPZA has developed three strategies to assist enterprises in transformation actively.
First of all, regarding the energy-saving and carbon reduction counseling group, EPZA set up an energy saving and carbon reduction counseling group in 2008 in advance. Experts in related fields assisted the manufacturers in the parks to promote energy saving and carbon reduction counseling and other related work. So far, 89.85 million kWh of electricity have been saved, with a total reduction of 53,000 metric tons of CO2e, which is equivalent to the carbon adsorbed amount of 138 Da An Forest Park for a whole year. In addition, the annual average power saving rate of energy-heavy consumption industries, with a contracted capacity of more than 800 kW of electricity (per month) in the park, is 1.9%, which is higher than the regulatory target.
In addition, in terms of enterprise Greenhouse Gases Inventory consulting, a team of experts assists manufacturers in the park to implement new greenhouse gases inventory, Science Based Target (SBT), and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and other counseling work to help enterprises find out the carbon emission sources of themselves or their products, grasp carbon risks in all aspects of the supply chain, set appropriate carbon reduction targets, and extend the scope of carbon reduction to supplier partners, and work together to implement carbon reduction.
Besides, in terms of carbon footprint talent cultivation, to cultivate enterprises in the parks of the Greenhouse Gases Inventory and footprint calculating talents. So far, EPZA has planned a series of related training courses, especially cooperating with the Industrial Development Bureau of the MOEA to connect its training resources. And held the "Manufacturing Greenhouse Gases Inventory and Carbon Footprint Seminar" in the Taichung Tanzi Technology Industrial Park (TTIP) and Nanzih Technology Industrial Park (NTIP) to further strengthen the overall carbon reduction constructive capabilities of parks and grasp the opportunities for transformation.
EPZA emphasized that it is a long-term race to move from low carbon to zero carbon, and it is also a challenge for the sustainable operation of enterprises in the parks. It is expected that all enterprises will dedicate themselves to carbon reduction as soon as possible and actively transform, and drive the downstream supply chains to follow up. Only in this way could we gain the firm footing and develop steadily in the future global reduction competition. EPZA will also continue to promote carbon reduction-related counseling, and through activities such as talent training, to assist the enterprises in the parks to accelerate the transformation, and work together to build sustainable green parks.

Spokesman: Mr. Liu Chi Chuan (Deputy Director General, EPZA)
Contact Number: 886-7-3613349, 0911363680

Contact Person: Ciou, Sin-Chang (Environment Management Section of the Fourth Division)
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