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  • Taichung Export Processing Zone launched the “Renewal Valued Land Redevelopment Project”, and the total revenue figures amounted over 8 billion N.T. dollars.

    Taichung Export Processing Zone launched the “Renewal Valued Land Redevelopment Project”, and the total revenue figures amounted over 8 billion N.T. dollars.  Posting Units:加工區總管理處
    Posting by:吳芷霖

    The Export Processing Zone Administration (EPZA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) announced that the “Renewal Valued Land Redevelopment Project” has been launched on October 4th, 2019 which will bring Taichung Export Processing Zone (TEPZ), which has been established for 50 years, about 40 thousand square meters industrial spaces. It is expected that the “Renewal Valued Redevelopment Project” will create investments of NT$1.8 billion dollars, increase 1,500 job vacancies, and increase revenues about NT$8 billion dollars. The follow-up will continuously renovate the TEPZ by revolving redevelopment method to reach three main goals of improving the lack of lands, optimizing the operating environment, and enhancing the kinetic energy of development.
    According to the Director General of EPZA, Dr. Wen-Guu Huang, TEPZ, the place of origin for the domestic optical industries, was established in 1969. So far, it is still a heartland of domestic optical industrial cluster. TEPZ’s expected revenues of available spaces up to NT$2.5 billion dollars per unit area and creating 480 job vacancies that profits are better than other domestic industrial parks. However, the usage rate of lands in TEPZ has saturated, the manufactures in the zone have repeatedly reflected that the lack of lands. Thus, in order to solve the problem, EPZA has especially learned from the successful renewal redevelopment experiences of Kaohsiung and Nanzih EPZ which was developed very early to launch the “Renewal Valued Land Redevelopment Project”. EPZA hopes that the project could lead the TEPZ an upswing in the developments.
    The TEPZ branch Chief Mr. Tsau, Jia-Wen illustrated in the briefing, in the past, it was hoped that EPZA could renew style and features through methods such as promoting “Lighting up Main Entrance Renewal Project”, remodeling factories, and counseling manufacturers to implement demolition and rebuilding of old factories. Since 2006, the promotion of projects had facilitated the total revenue up to NT$1.7 billion dollars and created over 900 job vacancies. However, these renewal methods can only create one-time particular benefits, and cannot renew the whole zone consistently. Therefore, EPZA plans an innovative improvement project -- “Renewal Valued Land Redevelopment Project”, hoping EPZA could advance the development of zones sustainably and actively.
    The TEPZ branch Chief Mr. Tsau added that the “Renewal Valued Land Redevelopment Project” is imitated “Island hopping” which allies attacked several islands selectively during the Pacific War, and won an outright victory in the end. The Tiachung EPZA (TEPZA) had tried to free up spaces of Wintek Corp., customs building, and staff dormitory, then TEPZA will use the revolving redevelopment method --- build, remove, demolish and three-dimensional of urban industrial district renewal method to renew TEPZ comprehensively. In addition, due to Optics is the feature industries of TEPZ, thus, TEPZA used the word 「眺」( tiao, the meaning of looking into the distance from a high place) to name the “Renewal Valued Land Redevelopment Projects” Chinese name by homonym. TEPZA hopes that the “Renewal Valued Land Redevelopment Project” could facilitate TEPZ to soar to a new pinnacle with a view toward the future.
    EPZA indicated that at present, the effects of the U.S.-China trade war has expanded continuously, precipitating the industrial issues such as overall supply chain migrates and overseas Taiwanese businesses returning back to invest in Taiwan have become very popular. The “Renewal Valued Land Redevelopment Project” will provide manufacturers high-quality industrial spaces. Moreover, TEPZ is located in the center of Tanzi District, Taichung City, and the highest building bulk ratio in the zone up to 420%. All manufacturers are welcome to seize the opportunity and invest in TEPZ to make the development of TEPZ go well and be more splendid for the next 50 years.

    Spokesman: Mr. Chien Min Chao (Deputy Director General, EPZA)
    Contact Number: 886-7-3611212 ext.801、0928306857

    Contact Person: Wang, Chih Jui (TEPZ Third Division)
    Contact Number: 886-4-2533-0881or0928-781-331

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