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The Nanzih Technology Industrial Park reclaimed water plant, the largest in Taiwan, recycled 24.88 million tons of water in 6 years.

To implement the concept of laying equal weighting on water resources policy and industrial development, the Export Processing Zone Administration (MOEA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (EPZA) built the country's first reclaimed water model plant in Nanzih Technology Industrial Park (NTIP) in 2010 for verification, and accelerated Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc (ASE) to build the largest reclaimed water recycling plant in Taiwan. It has been 6 years since its operation in 2016. The accumulated reclaimed water has reached 24.88 million tons, which is equivalent to saving the water volume of 9,442 standard swimming pools. High-quality reclaimed water provides a stable water source for the manufacturing process, and achieves the concept of ESG, such as resource recycling, natural resources conservation, reduction of corporate governance risks, and creating social balance and diversification.
EPZA further pointed out that the overall recovery rate of ASE's reclaimed water is 70%, creating 3.12 times reusing per drop of water, and the maximum daily water production could reach 21 thousand tons, which is equivalent to saving 30 thousand households in Kaohsiung's daily water consumption. And the water volume of 8 standard swimming pools has been saved per day, and the accumulated water production of reclaimed water has reached 24.88 million tons in 6 years of operation.
In order to promote the use of recycled water resources, EPZA has built the Nanzih Technology Industrial Park Reclaimed Water Demonstration Park into the first environmental education field in the country. By connecting government, enterprises, schools and the public, from the inside out to make everyone's understanding the importance of water reproduction and water resources management and emphasizes the concept of water resources environmental education taking root from a young age in the campus. By doing so, to achieve the purpose of publicity and promotion of reclaimed water resources environmental education, and jointly towards the goal of circular economy and industrial sustainable development.
In view of this, in response to the "World Water Day" and "Earth Day", EPZA cooperated with the National Science and Technology Museum for the first time, and jointly planned the water resources education and promotion events with the Water Resources Agency of MOEA and the Southern Taiwan Joint Services Center of Executive Yuan. Through the connection of workshops and interactive games, made the public understand the importance of reclaimed water resources and called for everyone to implement good habits of water conservation and cherish precious water resources.

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