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  • The largest joint investment in the history of EPZA was launched, and the total investment figures amounted over NT$ 40 billion.

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    The Export Processing Zone Administration (EPZA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) held the "Investment Approval and Joint Groundbreaking Ceremony for Renewal Valued Land Redevelopment Project” at 10 am, June 5th 2019. This case is the largest joint investment in the history of EPZA, and Chuan-Neng Lin, the Vice Minister of MOEA, made a business trip from Taipei for hosting the ceremony. Dr. Wen-Guu Huang, the Director General of EPZA, awarded the investment approval letter to ASE Technology Holding Co., Orient Semiconductor Engineering Inc. (OSE), Thinking Electronics Industrial Co. (TKS) and Hung Ching Development & Construction Co. ( Hung Ching), and Director General Dr. Huang announced that the joint investment which amounted over NT$ 40 billion has been approved and it will be formally implemented. Attendees include Liu Shyh-fang, a legislator of the Legislative Yuan, Yang Ming-Jou, Chief Secretary of Kaohsiung City Government, industry representatives in the zone and local elected councilors.
    To solve the problem of land shortage for investment in EPZs, EPZA specially launched the “Renewal Valued Land Redevelopment Project” in 2018. The Nan-zih EPZ was released up to 3.47 hectares of land from employee services center, tennis court, and the women’s dormitory. The announcement of investment promotion attracted four companies including ASE, OSE, TKS, and Hung Ching, with a total investment amounted over NT$ 40.6 billion. The three new plants are estimated to create about 200,000m2 of industrial space, and create annual output up to NT$24 billion and about 4,200 job vacancies. At present, the investment applications of manufacturers have been approved, and the construction process is going to be in progress.
    Mr. Lin, the Vice Minister of MOEA, said that with feature of multiple benefits such as increasing industrial spaces, encouraging private investments, expediting the renewal of zone and improving the investment environment, “Renewal Valued Land Redevelopment Project” is an important milestone in the development of the EPZ. It will create a multi-win situation for central and local governments, manufacturers and employees in the zone, and nearby residents. MOEA has prepared sound preferential measures for investment and supplementary services, and welcome everyone to invest in Taiwan, the Vice Minister Lin had emphasized.
    Dr. Huang, the EPZA Director General, thanked the four manufacturers for their supports to renew the park and expand their investment. According to Dr. Huang, the EPZ has been successfully reborn, and it has transformed into a high-tech smart park and become a good neighbor of the surrounding residents. Dr. Huang promised that the services team of the park will keep making great efforts to serve the manufacturers in the zone, so that EPZ will develop better and create more investment and job vacancies for the local districts in the city.
    The representatives of the “Renewal Valued Land Redevelopment Project’s” investment manufacturers, including ASE Senior Vice President Chou Kuang-chun, OSE Vice President Lee Jun-quan and TKS President Sui Tai-zhong, all highly recognized the investment environment of Nanzih EPZ and thanked EPZA for promoting the “Renewal Valued Land Redevelopment Project” to free up valuable industrial spaces. Manufacturers' representatives promised that in order to win orders from worldwide leading technology companies, the investment of this program will create a better business environment, develop the latest technology, and dedicate to the high-end smart manufacturing.
    According to EPZA, the Nanzih EPZ has been established for 50 years and has become an important center of global semiconductor assembly and test industries. Currently, the EPZs continue to make progress towards “Technological Humanities and Smart Innovation”. Through innovative practices such as land turnover and public-private partnership, the zone successfully promoted the “Renewal Valued Land Redevelopment Project”. The project will dismantle three old buildings, construct three high bulk plants, build a brand-new employee services center, establish an ecological park and acquire follow-up turnover land. By doing so, this project can not only solve the problem of land shortage in the zone, but also encourage private investments. Moreover, it can accelerate renewal of the zone’s old factories and optimize the operating environment.
    In response to the continuous changes in the industry, the EPZA will continue to implement the zone renewal, devote to improve the life function and create a well-being and intelligent zone. At the same time, EPZA will actively promote the smart industry and high value-added consultation to enterprises in the zone to strengthen their competitiveness, which could also enable the EPZ to continue driving the prosperity of regional economic development and employment opportunities.

    Spokesman: Mr. Chien Min Chao (Deputy Director General, EPZA)
    Contact Number: 886-7-3611212 ext.801、0928306857

    Contact Person: Hsieh, Ming-Wen (Land Planning and Design Section of the Second Division)
    Contact Number: 886-7-361-1212 ext217

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