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  • The Export Processing Zone (EPZ) promotes wastewater reclamation technical exchange and on-site observation.

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    In recent years, more frequent drought resulted from extreme climate has led to unstable water supply. The Export Processing Zone Administration (EPZA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) held the "Circular Economy and Smart Draw-off" technical seminar on July 2 in response to the concept of emphasizing national water policy and industry development. EPZA not only invited foreign experts to give a keynote speech, but also combined with ASE Industrial Holding Co., Ltd. (ASE Inc.)’s wastewater reclamation plant to provide observation and learning activities. EPZA hopes that government, industry, university, and institute can comprehend and master the international reclaimed water-related technology and development through exchanging opinions and on-site observing and learning. By doing so, all walks of life can make joint efforts to promote sustainable water resources and accomplish the goal of the circular economy park.
    Dr. Huang Wen-Guu, the EPZA Director General, said at the opening ceremony that Nanzih EPZ is the pioneer in Taiwan to respond to the policy of reclaimed water. With the support of the MOEA and the cooperation of ASE Inc., at present, the zone has the first model plant of reclaimed water and the largest industry wastewater reclamation plant in Taiwan (R.O.C), as well as the only one environmental education field in the country to promote reclaimed water resources. Nanzih EPZ literally is the most productive park of promoting industrial wastewater recycle. The EPZ will strengthen water conservation and counsel water reclaim, and make progress toward “Reclaimed Water Demonstration Park” in the future.
    The seminar gave a keynote speech and experience sharing on three major topics: “Domestic Experience in the Industry”, “Water Treatment Technology at Home and Abroad” and “Reclaimed Water Business Opportunities in Taiwan”, and EPZA invited the distinguished guests to experience the VR environment education which is designed by the AECOM Immersive Lab (AECOM) together at the opening event. The VR experience all uses HTC's high-end “VIVE Focus Plus”. The distinguished guests used the VR technology wirelessly to personally experience the purification process of industrial reclaimed water without connecting the computer and the internet base station. Moreover, VR shows a new type of immersive environmental education that can use VR devices connected by multiplayers as a learning medium in the future. AECOM will provide a digital learning space that can accommodates 20 people to participate in the environmental education facility of the “Nanzih EPZ Reclaimed Water Demonstration Park”. VR breaks through the space limitation of the original wastewater reclamation plant. In the space, students can stay in a noiseless and safe learning space, and observe the facilities in the plant and the water before and after purification as well. This VR course will be officially introduced in the second half of 2019. The course provide participants a more impressive environmental education experience to enhance the public awareness of sustained utilization of resources.
    In order to ensure water resources can be utilized sustainably and stably, Kaohsiung ASE Inc. has also actively devoted to environmental conservation and environmental education. ASE Inc. established the first stage of water treatment plant with a daily throughput of 20,000 tons in 2015. At present, up to 55%, approximately 11,000 tons of reclaimed water per day is produced for the process. This year, the second stage of the expansion project will be in progress simultaneously, and it is expected that the daily processing capacity will reach 30,000 tons, and the recovery percentage will be increased to 70%. Moreover, ASE Inc. plan to apply for wastewater reclamation plant as a place for environmental education facilities, by doing so, it can not only meet the manufacturing demand of water but also steady the environmental education of water resources. Beside the keynote speech, the seminar arranged three shifts of the ASE Inc. wastewater reclamation plant on-site observation to help participants to understand the process of water recycling more directly.
    In recent years, in order to coordinate the national reclaimed water policy, EPZA has been dedicated to promoting water environmental education, and actively promoting the utilization of effluent recycling. It is expected to make progress toward the vision of a domestic “Reclaimed Water Demonstration Park” and creating a circular economic and sustainable green energy park by stabilizing the foundation in environmental education and utilizing water resources matching measures.

    Spokesman: Mr. Chien Min Chao (Deputy Director General, EPZA)
    Contact Number: 886-7-3611212 ext.801、0928306857

    Contact Person: Dong, Hsu-feng (Environmental Protection and Landscaping Section of Fourth Division)
    Contact Number: 886-7-361-1212 ext436

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