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Investment Requirements

  • Investment Requirements

    1. Industrial Categories Permitted in the EPZs

    (1) Computers, electronics and optical products manufacturing.
    (2) Electrical equipment manufacturing.
    (3) Electronic parts and components manufacturing.
    (4) Metal products manufacturing.
    (5) Machines and equipment manufacturing.
    (6) Chemical materials and products manufacturing.
    (7) Textiles, garments and fashion products manufacturing.
    (8) Food and beverage manufacturing.
    (9) Automobile and automotive products manufacturing.
    (10) Other transportation vehicles manufacturing.
    (11) Other manufacturing.
    (12) Industrial machines, equipment repairing and installing.
    (13) Electricity and fuel gas industry.
    (14) Transportation and warehousing businesses.
    (15) Information and communication businesses.
    (16) Financing and insurance businesses.
    (17) International trade business.
    (18) Enterprise authority and manages consultant business.
    (19) Relevant industrial services.
    (20) Other approved businesses that qualify high-tech, capital-intensive, high quality or high add-valued or meet the need of establishing the business entity in the EPZs.

    2. Industries Permitted to Establish Business or Liaison Offices in the EPZs.

              (1) Gasoline Stations.
              (2) Food and Beverages Services.
              (3) Truck Freight Transportation.
              (4) Customs Clearance Services. 
              (5) Real Estate Development and Leasing. 
              (6) Waste Collection, Treatment and Disposal; Materials Recovery.
              (7) Legal and Accounting Services.
              (8) Postal Savings and Remittance Services.
              (9) Retail Sale in General Merchandise Stores.
              (10) Incubation and R&D Services.
              (11) Other auxiliary and service industries that are approved by the Export Processing Zone Administration (EPZA) or its branches according to the actual needs in the Zone.

    3.Minimum Paid-in Capital

    (1) Warehousing Industry: NT$80 million.
    (2) Transportation Industry: NT$50 million.
    (3) Manufacturers that lease the land to build factories: NT$20 million.
    (4) Manufacturers that rent or buy factories: NT$10 million.
    (5) Other industries: NT$ 1 million.

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