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Location and Transportation

  • Location & Transportation

     The Pingtung EPZ lies in the southwest of Pingtung City, Pingtung County in southern Taiwan. It is located at the border between Pingtung and Kaohsiung Counties and covers 123.04 hectares. County highway No. 189 divides the zone into two parts, east and west. The east side of the zone is located next to the Cingshuei River; the west side faces the Gaoping River. The zone faces Wandan Town on the south, and Tai No. 1 provincial highway is 200 meters on the north.

    ‧ By land:It takes 25 minutes to connect with national highway No.3 (Southern Second Freeway), approximately 10 kilometers north of the zone. The East-West Direction Fast Highway No. 88 is located about six kilometers away from the zone. Go west for 15 kilometers to national highway No. 1 (Sun Yat-sen National Freeway) and then take Tai 1st Line west to Kaohsiung and east to downtown Pingtung.

    ‧ By sea:Drive southward and take East-West Direction Fast Highway No. 88 for 35 minutes to arrive at Kaohsiung Harbor.

    ‧ By air:Drive southward for 21 kilometers, take the East-West Direction Fast Highway No.88, takes 30 minutes to arrive at Kaohsiung International Airport. Drive northward 3 kilometers takes 5 minutes to arrive Pingtung Airport.

    As the estimated figures indicate, it only takes five to 35 minutes to get to the above-mentioned destinations.

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