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Kaohsiung EPZ

  • The subordinate area of Kaohsiung branch office includes Kaohsiung Economic Processing Zone (KEPZ), Linkuang Economic Processing Zone (LEPZ) and TSC Kaohsiung Logistics Park (TSC KLP). Because every subordinate zone or park is geographically near, and there is common advantage of geographical position that is so close to Kaohsiung Harbor, Kaohsiung International Airport and National Chung-shan Superhighway, so the communications are very convenient. It is the most ideal place to develop businesses of “Global Logistics Center.”

    The competitive advantages of the KEPZ are as follows:
    1.The 4-hectare land of 37 to 39 piers warehouse at Kaohsiung Harbor has been included into the warehousing & Transshipping Special Zone, thus enlarging the hinterland and plant floor area.

    2.Several hi-tech companies, such as Walsin Technology Corporation, Kaohsiung Opto-Electronics Inc.,Walton Advanced Engineering,Inc.,Taiflex Scientific Co.,Ltd.Nitto Denko (Taiwan) Corporation,and so on,have already enlarged and constructed new plants,thus becoming the hi-tech and high value-added electronic industry manufacturing center.

    3.Facing the Kaohsiung Harbor, the zone has been preempted the inclusion into the Free Port Area.

    4.With strong and solid manufacturing industries,complete upstream and downstream industries,and perfect logistics facilities,such as warehousing, transportation, subpackaging, certification, testing, and combination.

    5.The sewerage of extended area connected with the main sewerage system of this zone has been completed,so the derivation of rain and wastewater in whole zone has been finished.

    Our Future Development Prospects:
    The KEPZ has existed for over half a century.It will transform itself by several innovations,such as revitalization of factory buildings,transition of industry and building self-brand.Besides,the KEPZ is also striding towards a new era of multiple-function and smart-innovation park by renewing and upgrading investment environment.

    In order to join the global value chain and establish auto-electronics industry, this park will cooperate with all industries, government agents and academics. For example,Kaohsiung Opto-Electronics Inc.,(group of JDI Corp.),Emerging Display Technologies Corp. and many other LCD manufactures and peripheral industries in the zone are developing into LCD special zone, thus exploiting the clustering effect and promoting the competitiveness of In-Zone enterprises.It is expected that this park will become the next generation of smart-tech park and a new model of Taiwan’s industry innovation.

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