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TSC Kaohsiung Logistics Park (TSC KLP)

  • The subordinate area of Kaohsiung branch office includes Kaohsiung Economic Processing Zone (KEPZ), Linkuang Economic Processing Zone (LEPZ) and TSC Kaohsiung Logistics Park (TSC KLP). Because every subordinate zone or park is geographically near, and there is common advantage of geographical position that is so close to Kaohsiung Harbor, Kaohsiung International Airport and National Chung-shan Superhighway, so the communications are very convenient. It is the most ideal place to develop businesses of “Global Logistics Center.”

    1. Make TSC Kaohsiung Logistics Park (TSC KLP) as a logistics and commerce base in southern Taiwan.

    2. Developing the logistics land with firms together enables TSC KLP to be a friendly cooperative partner in domestic logistic industrial park.

    TSC Kaohsiung Logistics Park (TSC KLP) provides many services which include warehousing (about 20,850㎡), tally processing, transshipment, international conference halls (473 seats), office area (about 9,336 ㎡ ) , exhibition centers and business centers (about 2,958 ㎡). It only takes about 15-20 minutes to the Kaohsiung Kaixuan MRT Station by walking, or to Kaohsiung Railway Station, Kaohsiung entrance of National Highway No.1, Kaohsiung Container Terminals and Kaohsiung Xiaogang International Airport by car.

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