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Miscellaneous Expenses

  • Miscellaneous Expenses

    Inexpensive Rentals
    An average monthly rental of NT$1.60 per square meters

    Small Share for the Construction Fees of Public Infrastructure
    The public infrastructure inside EPZ’s is built by the Administration with loan financing, and the construction costs are charged to tenant enterprises at the ratio of the land leased in order to repay the principal and the interest over a twenty-year period. (The estimated costs are approximately NT$14 per square meter after completion). The newly promulgated criteria will govern, and the construction fees of public infrastructure will be factored into the adjustment upon completion.

    Management Fee
     Manufacturing Industry: The management fee is charged on a yearly basis (from the New Year’s Day to December 31 each year). The fee for the manufacturing industry is charged on a degressive basis with the rate ranging from 2.2 ‰-0.8 ‰ of its business value.
      Trading Industry: The fee for the trading industry is charged on a degressive basis with the rate ranging from 1.3 ‰-0.3 ‰ of its business value.
      Warehousing and Storage and Transportation Industry: The rate is 2‰ of its business value.
      For any branch of a financial and banking institute in the Processing Zone, the rate is 0.9‰ of its business value.

    Howerever, if the management fees calculated on the basis of turnover per month are lower than the amount calculated based on the floor area (NT$8 per square meter), the management fees shall be calculated according to the floor area.

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