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Nanzih 2nd EPZ

  • 1.Not only does the Nanzih 2nd EPZ support existing semiconductor, electronic components, computer electronics, and optical products industrial chains, but it also is capable forming industrial clusters by having high-tech flagship enterprises setting up in this zone.

    2.Basic information of Nanzih 2nd EPZ
    (1)Establishment: Nanzih 2nd EPZ was established in 2009 by Executive Yuan.
    (2)Area: The total area is 8.49 hectares, of which 5.36 hectares are for rent. Currently the rental area is 5.36 hectares (Occupancy is now100%), waiting for the rental area is 0 hectare (0%).
    (3)Overview of in-zone companies: 3 approved investment companies, of which 2 for Chinese companies, and one for joint ventures. Iconic companies is Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Group, accounting for 93% of the total investment.

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