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Investment Advantages

  • 1.Convenient Transportation

    (1) Sea Transportation
    Taichung Harbor
    , situated at the heart of the Asia-Pacific, is the center of the area's sea transportation.  The average navigation time for sailing from Taichung Harbor to the other six major Asia-Pacific seaports is only 54 hours, which is the shortest in the region, not only saving transportation time but also lowering operational costs.  So Taichung Harbor is your best choice for a global logistics center for your esteemed enterprises.

    Taichung Harbor is also the nearest commercial seaport from Taiwan to Fuzhou and Xiamen in Mainland China, which are a mere 132 and 158 nautical miles away respectively, or 6 hours and 7 hours 10 minutes navigation time. This helps save the transportation cost and time and greatly facilitates cross-strait economic interactions.


    (2) Air Transportation
    It is only 20 minutes drive to Taichung International Airport. And it will take less than 60 minutes by Taiwan High Speed Rail(HSR) to the Taoyuan International Airport and the Kaohsiung International Airport.

    Taoyuan International Airport – China Airlines, UPS, FedEx, etc. have 4,496 landings and takeoffs weekly on average, with more than 2,122,132 tons of cargos shipped annually, reaching anywhere in the world from within 1.5 hours~1 day.

    Kaohsiung International Airport-China Airlines, FedEx, etc. have 1,059 landings and takeoffs weekly on average, with about 67,957 tons of cargos being shipped annually.

    Taichung International Airport-Mandarin Airlines, Uni Airway etc. have 545 landings and takeoffs weekly on average, with about 3,445 tons of cargos being shipped annually.

    (Source: Civil Aviation Bureau – Statistical data of the volume of airfreight handled by each airport in 2018)

    (3) Land Transportation
    Comprehensive ground transportation network-the Central Second Expressway and Sun Yat-Sen Expressway are only 10 and 18 km away respectively, and it is only 20-30 minutes to the center of downtown Taichung.  The No.3 Special Highway, at the front gate of the Processing Zone is connected with the West Coast Highway, the Central Second Expressway and Sun Yat-Sen Expressway, which makes the network even more efficient.

    network even more efficient

    2.Tax incentives



    Legal Grounds


    Business entities in the EPZs shall be exempted from such taxes as import duties, commodity taxes, and business taxes, relating to import machinery, equipment, raw materials, fuel, commodities, semi-finished products for transshipment of trading and warehousing industries. No formalities shall be required for the exemption, security, or cash deposit of those items above.

    Statute for the Establishment & Management of Export Processing Zones, Article 13


    Business entities in the EPZs shall be exempted from the business taxes for exporting products and labor services, or for sales of machinery, raw materials, commodities, fuel and semi-finished products to the industries inside the EPZs, industries inside the Scientific Industrial Parks, or bonded factories and warehouses.

    Business Tax Law, Article 7


    Business entities in EPZs engaged in transshipment shall be imposed a business income taxes on 10% of transshipment income.

    Statute for the Establishment of Export Processing Zones, Article 14


    Business entities in EPZs shipping machinery and equipment that has been in the EPZ or imported for more than 5 years to non-bonded areas shall be exempt from being re-imposed the reduced or refunded import duties, commodity taxes and business taxes.

    Statute for the Establishment & Management of Export Processing Zones, Articles 13 & 17


    Factory buildings for self-production shall be exempt from half the business house taxes, viz. the tax rate is 1.5%.

    House Tax Act, Subparagraph 2, Paragraph 2, Article 15


    All the other taxation incentives stipulated in other most favorable statutes are applicable to the business entities in EPZs.


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