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Division duties of the EPZA

一、1st Division
Section Key Activities
Planning & Evaluation Section
  1. TIPs’(科技產業園區) development goals and strategies formulation.
  2. TIPs’(科技產業園區) administration plans evaluation.
  3. Administrative affairs of Legislative Yuan execution.
Finance Section
  1. Funds of EPZA and branches distributing, planning and dispatching.
  2. Administration fee estimating, notification and payment auditing of business in EPZA.
  3. Producing analysis table of accounts receivable and collections, producing and reporting of collections.
Information System & Operation Section
  1. EPZA’s overall information services planning and promotion.
  2. Maintenance and management of various information services of EPZA and branches.
  3. Overall planning and promotion of Information Security.

二、2nd Division
Section Key Activities
Planning & Design Section
  1. Planning of land renewal and regeneration in old TIPs.
  2. Planning and evaluation for the feasibility and development of new TIPs.
  3. Management of financial subsidy for renovation of old buildings.
Engineering & Section
  1. Maintenance of public facilities.
  2. Engineering bidding and procurement.
  3. Underground pipeline information management.
Architecture Mgt & Land Adt Section
  1. Review the license of architecture.
  2. Lease of lands in TIP.
  3. Management of lands and factory.

三、3rd Division
Section Key Activities
Investment Section
  1. Establishment, mergers and acquisition, segmentation, cash injection, capital decrease, divestiture, change of investment plan of business and other related investment cases in the TIPs.
  2. Investment promotion plan in the TIPs.
  3. Guiding enterprise upgrading and transformation in the TIPs.
Industry and Commerce Section
  1. Examination and registration of companies, factories, movable property secured transactions in the TIPs.
  2. Planning and coordination of traffic problems in the TIPs.
  3. Coordination of water and electricity supply in the TIPs.
Foreign Trade Section
  1. Administrating bonded business in the TIPs.
  2. Promoting foreign trade and creating an environment conducive to the development of foreign trade in the TIPs.
  3. Processing import/export permits in the TIPs.

四、4th Division
Section Key Activities
Labor Administration Section
  1. Promotion of labor administration affairs planning, the Labor Standards Act consulting, research and suggestions revising for enterprises in the TIPs
  2. Coordination of disputes between labors and employers, and counselling the establishment of labor organizations of enterprises operating in the TIPs.
  3. Supervision and enhancement for the provision of labor welfare and pension reserve funds of the enterprises operating in the TIPs.
Environment Management Section
  1. Planning and management of air pollution prevention, noise and vibration prevention, water pollution prevention, industrial waste and toxic chemical substances prevention.
  2. Supervision and management of environmental quality testing and inspection.
  3. Promotion of energy conservation and resource recycling.
  4. Environmental protection, and landscape management.
Labor Inspection Section
  1. Administration of labor safety/hygiene affairs.
  2. Labor safety/hygiene education affairs.
  3. Labor safety and hygiene inspection.