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    To help develop Taiwan into an Asia-Pacific Regional Operation Center and to expand its functions in transportation, processing and re-export, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has selected Taichung Harbor Area as the site to establish Chungkang Export Processing Zone(CEPZ).  With the hope that through serving as a center of multinational operation, cooperation and transportation, the CEPZ will bridge domestic and international production lines to keep up with Taiwan's development into a high-tech island. The Zone has also been planned on the basis of manufacturing and livelihood industries, combined with the operations of ocean-air transportation, warehousing, packing/unpacking, processing, reassembly, certification, tagging, packaging and delivery to extend the functions of transportation and enhance the products' added value. Furthermore, the Zone will promote the growth of R&D, design, finance, international trade, customs clearance, insurance and other related industries and so develop into a Value-Added Industrial Park for Global Logistics.

    Chungkang Export Processing Zone(CEPZ) is located at the Taichung Harbor, with an efficient and convenient land, sea and air transportation networks.

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