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Taichung EPZ

  • 1.Optics and Electronics Related Industries
    In recent decades, Taichung Export Processing Zone (TEPZ) has focused on the integration of optic and electronic industries' up, mid, and downstream, partnered manufacturers, satellite manufacturers, and suppliers. Nowadays, 26 related companies are established in the park, and create about 74% of the production value of the TEPZ. There are several well-known manufacturers, such as Canon lnc., Lingsen Precision Industries, Ltd., United Radiant Technology Corp., Asia Optical Co. Inc., Baso Precision Optics Ltd., and Taiwan Ohara Optical Co., Ltd., etc.
    2.Basic information of Taichung EPZ
    (1)Establishment: TEPZ was established in August, 1969.
    (2)Area: The total area is 26.12 hectares, of which 20.21 hectares are for rent.
    Current occupancy is 100%.
    (3)Overview of in-zone companies:
    A.Number of approved investment companies: 43, with 26 domestic companies,
    7 foreign companies, and 10 joint ventures.
    B.Major industries:
    (A)Key industry: 26 companies engage in optic and electronic
    industries, accounting for 94% of the total investment, and 74% of turnover.
    (B)Iconic companies: Canon lnc., Lingsen Precision Industries, Ltd., etc.

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