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Investment Criteria and Procedures

  • Investment Criteria and Procedures
    Investment Criteria
    1. Minimum paid-in capital: Manufacturing tenants who build their own factories need to prepare NT$20,000,000; NT$80,000,000 for warehousing and storage, and NT$50,000,000 for transportation.
    2. Minimum area applied by the potential tenants who build their own factories has to be at least 2,000 m2 for manufacturing business and 3,000 m2 for both warehousing and storage and transportation respectively.
    3. Tenants should be able to make economic use of land, water, and power within the zone.
    4. Tenants should pose no hazard to public safety, health, or environmental protection.
    5. The industries that are permitted to apply for establishment within the zone include:
    ‧Precision, optical, medical equipment, and watches and clocks manufacturing
    ‧Electrical machinery supplies, and equipment manufacturing and preparing
    ‧Electrical part and components manufacturing
    ‧Computer, communication, video and radio electronic products manufacturing
    ‧Fabricated metal products manufacturing
    ‧Medical and biochemical products manufacturing
    ‧Textile, apparels, and clothing accessories manufacturing
    ‧Food manufacturing
    ‧Transport equipment manufacturing and preparing
    ‧Aircraft and parts manufacturing
    ‧Electricity, gas, and water
    ‧Other industrial products manufacturing
    ‧International trade
    ‧Storage, distribution, and logistics businesses
    ‧Warehousing and storage
    ‧Data processing and information supply services
    ‧Consultation services
    ‧Associated industrial services
    ‧Other businesses such as high-technology, capital intensive, high-quality, or high-value-added business approved for establishment inside an EPZ
    Procedures for Investment Application
    Steps Implementing Agencies Processing Time
    1. Investment consultation and receipt of application forms. Administration headquarters or Investment Section of Pingtung branch. The application forms can be downloaded from Administration's website at: Timely services

    2. On-site investigation and selection of land or factory building. Investment Section or Land Administration Section of Pingtung branch. Timely services

    3. Application for advanced check of company name and the business items. Department of Commerce, MOEA (online application is available). 7 days

    4. Payment of deposit to the branch at the rate of six-month land rental. Land Administration Section of Pingtung EPZ. Timely services

    5. Submission of the application forms (22 copies needed). Investment Section of Pingtung branch or EPZ Administration. 7 days (preliminary review)

    6. Review of application forms: Approved: the full deposit will be returned without interest after the land lease contract is signed; the EPZ will confiscate the deposit in full if the contract is not signed within the specified time limit. Not approved: the deposit will be returned with interest free. Review committee、Land Administration Section of Pingtung branch.1 day. An investment review meeting will be called on a monthly basis to review investment applications submitted during the month. When necessary, more meetings will be added.

    7. Verification of investment capital (in case of investment by overseas Chinese or foreign nationals). Investment Section of Pingtung EPZ. 2 days.

    8. Obtain a land use certificate. In case of the lease of land for factory construction, the procedures are as follows: Land Administration Section of Pingtung EPZ. Building Administration Section of Administration headquarters. Department of Land, Pingtung County Government and land surveying companies (processing period has to be counted). Apply for land allocation. 2 days. Sign a land lease contract. 2 days. Apply for a construction license. 7 days. Apply for a company license. 7 days.

    9. Apply for corporation registration. Industrial and Commercial Section of Pingtung EPZ. 3 days.

    10. Apply for a startup permit. Labor Standards Inspection Section of Pingtung EPZ. 3 days.

    11. Join trade unions or associations. Trade unions/associations. 2 days.

    12. Apply for business registration (factory establishment registration included). Industrial and Commercial Section of Pingtung branch. 4 days.

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