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Linkuang EPZ

  • The subordinate area of Kaohsiung branch office includes Kaohsiung Economic Processing Zone (KEPZ), Linkuang Economic Processing Zone (LEPZ) and TSC Kaohsiung Logistics Park (TSC KLP). Because every subordinate zone or park is geographically near, and there is common advantage of geographical position that is so close to Kaohsiung Harbor, Kaohsiung International Airport and National Chung-shan Superhighway, so the communications are very convenient. It is the most ideal place to develop businesses of “Global Logistics Center.”

    The competitive advantages of the LEPZ are as follows:
    1.Located at the intersection of Hsinshen Road and Yukang Road of Chienchen District, Kaohsiung City. The zone is at a critical position of Kaohsiung International Airport, national superhighway, and Kaohsiung Harbor Container Center.

    2.With glass and metal curtains as standard plants in A, B, and C buildings, and D building as service center and modern international conference halls, the zone can provide all-dimension services for In-Zone enterprises.

    3.Centering on electronic industry, the product varieties are mainly LCD, backlight modules, fiber optics, heat dissipator, and IC design.

    Our future development prospect is to boost the zone as the hi-tech, high value-added and the manufacturing, R&D, marketing, and logistics center for every kind of people's livelihood.

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