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I. Origin

Taiwan (R.O.C.) government established the first Export Processing Zone (EPZ) in Cianjhen, Kaohsiung in 1966. EPZ was Taiwan’s first special economic zone and the first free zone in the world, which combines the characteristics of free trade zone and industrial park. EPZ Takes the lead in promoting economic and trade promotion systems such as one-stop service, tax concessions, convenient customs clearance, and land only renting.
The EPZs have reached the four major goals such as expanding international trade, attracting industrial investments, bringing in latest technology, and increasing job vacancies. The EPZs excellently contributed in leading our country’s industrial development and created world-famous “Taiwan’s Economic Miracle!”

II. Evolution

With the joint efforts of many pioneers, the management model of the park has continued to advance with the times, from early high-level control to customer-oriented smart value-added services, and the industries in the area are constantly innovating, transforming, upgrading and transforming. Up to now, the EPZs have already experienced five stages: "Establishment of Traditional Industries,” "Industries’ Adjustment," "Transformation & Expansion," "Industries’ Clustering," and "Innovation Promotion".

III. Features

1 The lands of TIPs(科技產業園區) are for rent only, which reduces enterprises’costs.
2 The EPZA provides one-stop service and exclusive specialist (namely, account manager) to assist in immediate and fast comprehensive services for locating in the Zones.
3 The EPZA establishes sound infrastructure and convenient working and living environment, which makes a great investment circumstance.
4 There is customs in the TIPs(科技產業園區) with autonomous account management and speedy digital EDI customs clearance.
5 Co-office of the tax authorities
6 Exemption from import duties (e.g., machinery, equipment, and raw materials), commodity tax, and business tax, etc.

IV. Location

The processing area currently has a total of 10 parks located in Taichung, Kaohsiung and Pingtung areas.

V. Industrial Clusters

The key industries of TIPs include semiconductor, optoelectronics, electronics, panels, information software and motor related industries.

VI. Renamed

At present, the park is no longer engaged in the early labor-intensive processing and export industries, but has formed high-value industrial clusters such as semiconductor packaging and testing, displays, optics, electronics, information software, and digital content. Due to the high technological energy of the industry, the Ministry of Economic Affairs specially promoted the rename of the park. On March 28, 2021, SU Tseng-chang(蘇貞昌), Premier of the Executive Yuan personally presided over the unveiling ceremony and officially announced the new name of the park as " Technology Industrial Park(科技產業園區)."

VII. Vision

Taking advantage of the renaming opportunity, the park will promote the following three upgrade plans to make the "Technology Industrial Park(科技產業園區)" a sustainable upgrade, innovation, and a long-lasting foundation.
  1. (1)Industrial technology upgrade: accelerate the promotion of smart manufacturing, equipment optimization, advanced material research and development, etc., and make the park into an important high-end manufacturing center.
  2. (2)Service intelligence upgrade: Actively introduce 5G equipment and resources, promote intelligent, cloud-based, and customized services to explore new business opportunities in digital intelligence.
  3. (3)Environmental optimization and upgrading: Promote the optimization of park facilities, and introduce design aesthetics and innovative technology to create a better investment environment.