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Strategies for Future Development

  • Strategies for Future Development

    1. Develop Specialized Zones for Optics and Electronics Related Industries

    The Export Processing Zone has been established for nearly 50 years, successfully bringing about the prosperity and development of various industries in Taiwan. The industries have also transformed from being traditionally labor intensive to technology and capital intensive high-tech industries. In recent years, Taichung Export Process Zone has focused on the integration of optic and electronic industries' upstream, midstream, down stream, partnered manufacturers, satellite manufacturers, and suppliers. This is to attract more investors to the Zone. Currently, there are several well-known manufacturers, such as Canon lnc.,Taiwan Lingsen Precision Industries, Ltd., United Radiant Technology Corp., Asia Optical, BASO, Taiwan Ohara Optical, etc. that have set up facilities in the Zone. We hope that other related industries and entities in trade services to enter our Zone so that the cluster effect can be produced, forming a vertical supply chain. This will greatly conserve transportation costs, reduce inventory, and fully enhance competitive capabilities in production, R&D and marketing, thus taking one more step toward achieving the goal of being the global center for planning and management.

    2. Accelerate Trade Liberalization, Assist Business Entities in Developing Business Opportunities and Enhance Competitiveness

    (1) Continue to review ways to loosen and simplify the process for goods entering and exiting the Zone, Full implementation of automatic customs clearance, speed up trade liberalization and facilitation.

    (2) Strengthen trade and industrial cooperation with developing countries and to further develop the traditional industries in Taiwan.

    (3) Assist business entities to utilize the advantage of international industries and the functions of the Zone, thereby enhancing the international competitiveness of these business entities while developing more business opportunities.

    3. E-Government Services

    To comply with the e-government plan, reconstituted services is accelerated, review required document to be provided for simplified online application in order to shorten the time required for process of cases.

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