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  • Standard Fees, and Regulations
    (Fees are subject to change and will be based on the most current standards)

    1. Administration Fees and Charging Standards for Businesses Operating in the EPZ(As
     attached files)

    2. Land Rent (NT$/Month/㎡)
     Nantze EPZ:15.28
     Nantze 2nd EPZ:20.67
     Kaohsiung EPZ:11.73
     Linkuang EPZ:13.83
     Pingtung EPZ:1.71
     Taichung EPZ:6.35
     Chungkang EPZ:7.89
     *The Kaohsiung Software-based Technology Park offers developers a 50% rent
     reduction on land rent for three years after plant construction.

    3.Public Facilities Construction Fee (NT$/Month/㎡)
     Nantze EPZ:None
     Nantze 2nd EPZ:15.79
     Kaohsiung EPZ - Original area:self-build、Standard(A10.A11):1.669
     Standard(Except for A10.A11):2.905
     -Expansion area:10.472
     Linkuang EPZ:8.01
     Chengkung EPZ:None
     Pingtung EPZ:12.47
     Taichung EPZ - Original area:5.01
     -Expansion area:5.38
     Chungkang EPZ:7.85

    4.Hazardous Machinery and Equipment Inspection Fee
     Assessed according to the Hazardous Machinery and Equipment Inspection Fee
     Standard set by the Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan

     Bounded products for domestic sale are subject to import duty based on the
     ex-factory form of the product subtracting the added value portion. Such goods are
     also subject to commodity tax and business tax according to regulations for
     imported goods.

    6.Regulatory Fees
     Commercial license fees and fees stipulated under the Labor Standards Law will
     be assessed according to the relevant laws and regulations.

    7.Public Expenses
     Fees for water, electricity, communication facilities will be assessed according to
     usage standards by the water company, Taiwan Power Company, and telecom

    8.Wastewater discharge
     Fees will be assessed for sewage line use or wastewater treatment.

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