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  • Main Businesses

    1st Section-Investment

    This section deals with investment reviews, attracting investment, and helping enterprises in developing investment projects. It also provides consulting services on related laws and regulations and necessary services concerning investment, and thus constructs the excellent investment environment. It has had many successful experiences in exploiting Taiwan's economic processing zones and would like to share them with the world. In association with the ”Global Logistics Development Plan”, the economic processing zones are now adjusting their transitional projects by revising the “Statute for Establishment and Management of Economic Processing Zones.” So more types of industries can be included and the operation of the economic processing zones will become more liberalized and internationalized than before. The processing zones will then become a high value-added economic special zone and stride towards the development direction of “Global Logistics” and "Smart Manufacturing" under the roadmap of Productivity 4.0.

    2nd Section-International Trade

    In addition to handling routine trade management affairs and issuing and examining import and export permits, this section also offers trade-related information for enquiry through Internet access. Furthermore, it has cooperated with the Customs in boosting the measurement of accounting books management so that the In-zone enterprises can debouch goods by means of self-checking and monthly reporting. It is thoroughly self-managed by the In-zone enterprises, and thus helps them reduce operational costs and upgrade their competitiveness positively and directly. Besides, in order to cope with the increasing whir of busy economic and trade relations between the Taiwan straits, the special cases applied by the In-zone enterprises are opened to import the unlisted permitted and indirect goods from Mainland China. This section also coordinates with offshore shipping center; therefore helps push the plan of Taiwan as the global logistics center.

    3rd Section-Industry & Commerce and Environmental Protection

    This section is in charge of industry & commerce registration, land leasing of In-zone enterprises, construction & infrastructure management, water & electricity utility supply coordination, and is responsible for guiding In-zone environmental sanitation and beautifying.

    The Taiwan Power Company has built a substation in this zone. It greatly improves the power supply capability and ensure the electricity supply in this zone.By the way, the Taiwan Water Supply Corporation has been continuously completing the pavement and renewal of main pipes of water supply in this zone, so the water supply will be very much secured in the future.

    4th Section-Labor

    In accordance with the Labor Law, this section carries on in-zone employee's fringe benefits and pension preparation funds, labor relations meetings, and other related labor administration and security & sanitary management. If there were labor disputes, this section can coordinate with them and solve them in due time. It also provides job-matching information for the In-zone enterprises and the job-seeking public.

    This section is also responsible for guiding In-zone environmental protection, pollution precautions and treatments, fire & disaster prevention, emergency management and other related services etc.

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