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Kaohsiung Software Park

  • 1.Digital Content and Software
    The Kaohsiung Software Park (KSTP) is developed technology park located in the Kaohsiung Multi-functional Commerce & Trade Park in downtown Kaohsiung. Kaohsiung Software Park was modeled after Nangang Software Park in Taipei and focus on ICT software and digital contents. 146 such enterprises, including Foxconn, BROGENT, account for 82% of all enterprises in this park. KSTP is expected to promote the rapid development of the software industry in the southern Taiwan.

    2.Basic information of Kaohsiung Software Park
    (1)Establishment: Kaohsiung Software Park was established in 2000.
    (2)Area: The total area is 7.92 hectares, of which 6.61 hectares are for rent. Currently the rental area is 6.61 hectares (Occupancy is now100%).
    (3)Overview of in-zone companies:
    A.Number of approved investment companies:a total of 253(not including 52 business liaison of-fices), with 232 Chinese companies, 12 foreign companies, and 9 joint ventures.
    B.Major industries: The cumulative investment proportion in digital soft-ware,content and R&D design industries accounting for 79.37% of the total investment.
    C.Iconic companies:Fox-conn and Brogent.

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