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Taichung Software Park

  • •1.Intellgent Base of Application, Service, and Innovation in Central Taiwan.
    The TSP is developed technology park located in Dali District, Taichung City.
    TSP was modeled after Kaohsiung Software Park in Kaohsiung, and focus on digital contents, information industry, culture and creativity, E-commerce and cloud.
    162 such enterprises, including Digiwin Software, Wanin international, Maxwin Technology, SHINTI, Jean Cultural & Creative, account for 58% of all enterprises in this park.
    TSP is expected to develop into an intellgent base of application, service, and innovation in central Taiwan.

    •2.Basic information of Taichung Software Park
    (1)Establishment: Taichung Software Park was established in 2013.
    (2)Area: The total area is 4.96 hectares, of which 4.14 hectares are for rent. Currently the rental area is 4.14 hectares (Occupancy is now100%).
    (3)Overview of in-zone companies:
    A.Number of approved investment companies:a total of 93(not including 66 business liaison offices).
    B.Major industries: The cumulative investment proportion in digital contents、information industry、culture and creativity、E-commerce and cloud industries accounting for 45% of the total investment.

    •C.Iconic companies:Digiwin Software、Wanin international,and Maxwin Technology.

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